A little background…

In the lands of Nal, on the world of Oosular, whole regions are awash with necrotic miasma created long ago when the gods were defeated by a being known only through the ages as the "Entity". These corrupted areas are avoided by the living due not only to the deadly effects of the miasma, but also to the swarms of undead that wander through the mists. The region of central Nal is divided by waterways separating the edges of three small continents: the northern (Kalana), eastern (Volotos), and southern lands (Halava).

The peoples of the region trade and compete for resources.  Generally most of the civilized kingdoms cooperate against larger threats, but that is not always the case…   Za'al, the self-proclaimed emperor and ruler of Kruvor, wars with the holdout kingdom of Tandar in the north. The kingdom of Gul-Mago recently declared itself the capital of the eastern lands and the only hope against the orc hords of Vol Got and to the east beyond.  The Plutocracy of ZaPaar refuses so far to pay tribute to Gul-Mago however, raising tensions and the risk of war. Meanwhile in the southlands, a collection of smaller kingdoms loosely ruled by the Magocracy of Kul-Nos are under constant threat from infestations of goblins in the forests and hills, and a larger threat from the hobgoblin legions based in Xera-Kal who have laid claim to and seek to conquer the southlands.  All the while every land, north, east, and south, along the coasts and rivers face minotaur raiders from the north in their shallow longboats.  



There will be more filled out here shortly, but the basics will be that this is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e game with a few home-brewed tweaks, mostly in the areas of PC races.

See the wiki for more info for now…




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