In eons long past it is believed that the five gods of the Tor protected the world and nurtured its inhabitants.  For many generations of mortals the world was in relative harmony and peace. Then, from the infinite void came the Entity.  A malevolent being of immense power, it slew the gods in a great war; shattering the heavens and corrupting much of what was. Then, for reasons scholars puzzle to this day, it departed as quickly as it has arrived.

From the ashes and chaos the former servants of the gods arose to find their creators dead and the world awash in necrotic miasma, with many of its creatures twisted and evil. These servants, the angelic host who did the gods' bidding from times ancient, were not left un-tainted however.  The influence of the Entity was such that many of these powerful beings were left corrupted and/or insane.  In the ensuing schism three factions emerged. One faction sought to dominate and control all of creation through any means necessary, firmly entrenched in the notion that only they should rule all of existance.  Another faction sought to twist all that lived to madness and chaos, mirroring their twisted and insane outlook. The last were those claiming to be untainted and carrying on their gods' will in hopes that one day their creators would return.  With righteous furry they would cast down their fallen breathern and reclaim the Five Thrones of Heaven.

This ancient conflict has persisted down though countless ages of mortals.

An ancient belief holds that the cosmic war will only end on the Final Days, when the Entity awakens and finishes what it started and bring an end to all existence.  Others however have hope that the Entity is dead and gone, slain by the gods who in triumph will return to heal the land and put an end to the demons, devils, and their followers.  Finally, there are those that believe that the cosmic struggle must never end… for if any one side gets too powerful, the balance will upend, the elements will erupt into chaos, and all things will fall to destruction.


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